No Photograph Name Post/ Affiliation Department Email
1 Dr. Chhaganbhai N. Patel Principal Pharmaceutical Chemistry drcnpatel2000@gmail.com
2 Dr. Dhrubo Jyoti Sen Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry dhrubosen69@yahoo.com
3 Dr. Indermeet Singh Anand Professor Pharmacology inderlilly@yahoo.com
4 Dr.Laxmanbhai Mohanbhai Prajapati Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry laxchem@rediffmail.com
5 Dr. Pankajbhai H. Prajapati Professor Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology pankajvanita@yahoo.co.in
6 Dr. Manish M. Patel Pharmaceutical Chemistry
7 Dr. Hitesh D. Karen Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology karenhitesh@yahoo.com
8 Dr. Darshan A. Modi Associate Professor Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology darshan_modi08@yahoo.co.in
9 Ms. Avani V. Patel Assistant professor Pharmacognosy avani.sspc@gmail.com
10 Ms. Ushaben Khemchandbhai Patel Pharmaceutical Chemistry
11 Ms. Shefali S. Chaudhary Assistant Professor/Gujarat Technological University Pharmacology shefalic88@yahoo.com
12 Ms. Ushma B. Patel Assistant professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry patelushma296@gmail.com
13 Mrs. Khushbubahen Kunalkumar Patel Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry khushbu201@yahoo.com, khushbusspc@yahoo.com
14 Ms. Jalpa A. Soni Assistant Professor Pharmacology jalpa.pharmacy@gmail.com
15 Ms. Mona Ashutosh Gupata Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
16 Ms. Nishaben Chhaganbhai Patel assistant professor Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology patelnisha14785@gmail.com, patelnisha_2007@yahoo.co.in
17 Ms. Monika Kanaiyalal Patel Pharmaceutical Chemistry
18 Mr. Pruthviraj K. Chaudhary Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry pruthvichaudhary@yahoo.co.in
19 Mr. Dhiren Lavjibhai Chaudhary Pharmacognosy
20 Ms. Dirgha Kundanbhai Patel Pharmacology
21 Ms. Khushbuben Shankarlal Patel Pharmacology
22 Ms. Priyanka Rajendrasinh Parmar Pharmacognosy
23 Ms. Patel Punamben Ashishkumar Pharmaceutical Chemistry
24 Mr.Rajat Chaudhary Pharmacology
25 Mr.Harsh Vaghela Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
26 Ms. Shruti P. Patel Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology spatel.meh123@yahoo.com
27 Dr.Nilesh Kanzaria Pharmacognosy
28 Dr.Arun Mafatlal Prajapati Pharmacology
29 Mr.Rajendrakumar Shantilal Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
30 Dr.Manish Jayrambhai Patel Pharmacognosy
31 Mr.Maulik D. Patel Pharmaceutical Chemistry
32 Mr.Nirav H. Thakkar Assistant Professor Pharmacology nhthakkar@gmail.com, ntinfosys@yahoo.com